UDOP 2022…

Diabetes and COVID-19:

Victor or Victim

This year’s theme is enveloped in the ongoing pandemic and seeks to address the question as to how diabetics have fared, well knowing that the dreaded COVID-19 virus is feared by all. Only the reckless and ignorant have sought to ignore its presence and many have suffered the consequences of their indiscretion.

Diabetic persons are already under siege and the pandemic has doubled that buffeting…. hence let’s see how diabetes has managed to be contained both in monitoring and suffering. Let us examine how the extra precautions taken to ensure adequate drug and equipment supplies as well as best efforts to follow the management regime have panned out.

Where is long COVID in all this, especially where diabetes complications are concerned? Has COVID increased the incidence of diabetes, type 1DM, and how has it affected the symptoms of type 2DM?

We come together to look at all these interfaces and their outcomes and trust the two days of deliberation will highlight the best practices which have helped to lighten the burden of the diabetic population during this pandemic…. both in terms of prevention and wellness versus deterioration and death.

On another note, COVID-19 forced us into delivering the conference totally online and to many that was undesirable and should result in decreased participation. Nevertheless, UDOP has triumphed as victor both in ease of logistics and technology support. Our new approaches have found safe landing amongst the secretariat and preparation team; and the number of participants and attendees have held steady.

We miss the camaraderie and the friendly jostling over breaks and mealtimes…but who knows what the future brings.

All we’ll say now is “enjoy! Soon come”

Prof the Hon E Morrison OJ

Co-chair, UDOP organising committee

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